I am a 2x founder, 1x exit entrepreneur who has led a Product built on no-code from problem definition to acquisition within 3 years. I also teach building kick ass products and startups to new founders at Bubble.io. I keep writing about Startups and Product Management on my Medium blog. Find me on Twitter as @naz_09, LinkedIn as https://linkedin.com/in/najmuzzaman, Product Hunt as https://www.producthunt.com/@najmuzzaman

I believe in providing value before asking for it. So, below is a No-code tool selector to help you select the right no-code tools for your use case, with a bonus of communities and resources at the end of the list.

No-code apps I built for me








No-code apps I built for others

Login | Wadhwani Foundation

Lightified | Professional Lighting Simplified

Bubble - Visual Programming

My writings

5 eye-opening lessons from teaching Design Thinking to Grade 5+ students

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